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r Damascus05-14-2018 09:14

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BJ▓TIn the formerly rebel-held district of Douma east of Damascus, cars have▓ been deserted with no fuel during the war

hest p

, which pushed people to bicycles as an alternative means of trans▓portation.That sprawling district in the Eastern Ghout


a countryside was retaken by the army after the rebel▓s' evacuation last month, and the streets in the central part of

e of activ

Douma are now bustling ▓with people riding bicycles.Few cars were seen, mostly those of the army or the trucks bringing in food to the people in that area, which was the most important bastion of the Islam Army rebels in Eastern Ghouta.Burnt and destroyed cars were also left on t▓he sidewalks in some of the streets there

, ref▓lecting the damage that has befallen large areas the▓re as a result of the war that has dragge▓d on for six years in Eastern Ghouta.Old and young men, a▓s well as children, w

e boys, at

ere riding bicycles and the people there seemed to have overcome the problem of no regular transportation.Bilal Delawa was ridin▓

42 percent, while

g his bicycle with his friend sitting behi▓nd him. He said those bicycles have been important for the people there with the▓ high

Zambia had th

price of the fuel during the rebels' time."Most people have opted to ride bicycles and it has become the▓ main transportation here

e lo

in Douma because the fuel was expensive but of co▓urse, we favor cars or motorcycles or buses," h▓e said.Another biker Omar al-Ruz

west, at 8

said even though the bikes were an acceptable alternative during the war, but they were not enough espec▓ially for workers who move heavy stuff from one place t▓o another."The bicycle wasn't enough of a transporta

tion to meet our demands ... for example, I can't transport goods of 100 kg on this bicycle, maybe 50 kg max," he said.F

or his part, Bashar Ajweh, another

percent. Gi
rls from Ind
ia were th▓e mo
st active,

with 37

resident of Douma, said that several places for fixing bicycles were opened▓ in Douma during the war, adding that maintenance workers used to charge very high fees ▓for fixing the bic

ycles, whose prices have jumped 10 fol

percent meeti

ds during the war.He said that he used to buy fuel in plastic cans for his motorcycle but when it got so expensive, he▓ parked it and started using both the electric bicycle and ▓the regular one."Bicycles have not on

ly bec▓ome the main transportation for regular people▓ but also for workers who move stuff from one place to another but

n▓g exercise recommenda

of course lite stuff only," the man

said.For the people in Douma, t

he transportation at this moment is important but the more important thing is food, which has started entering Douma at prices supported by the government,▓ contrary to the rebel times when the mili▓tants used to s

tions, while

tockpile food in their warehouses whil

e▓ giving so little to the peop

le at high prices.During a visit for Xinhua and other media outlets to Douma on Sunday, people were lined up to receive free bread bundles provided by the government.Also trucks of f▓oods, like potato, tomato and

girls from Egyp

cucumber, were seen selling fo▓od items for the civilians at low prices.People were s▓een carrying heavy bags of potato while expressing relief that they could final▓ly buy food at low prices, as everything wa▓s extr

emely expensive during the rebels' control in Douma also due to the siege that was imposed on that area and other rebel-

t ▓were the least

held areas in Eastern Ghouta.Since

fully capturing it from the r

ebels early April, the government made several moves to▓ alleviate the suffering of the people who have been largely affected by the war there.A mobile oven has been sent to Douma with a daily production capacity of

active, with ju

five tons of bread to meet the dem?/P>

坅nds of the people there.On Sat

urday, a government-backed shopping festival kicked off in Douma with the participation of more than 40 companies.The aim of the shopping festival is to offer a variety of foodstuff and other products for the peo

st 4 percent g

ple there at low prices, as part o

f the efforts ▓to revive Douma

and other recently-taken a▓reas in Eastern Ghouta.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease▓ scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatBe fresh in ▓spring: From inside out with mintBe fresh in spring: Fro

etting adequate exercise. Children in Myanmar were the least sedentary, with 13 percent of boys and 8 percent of girls classified as sedentary. The most sedent▓ary nations were St. Lucia and the Cayman Islands, with 58▓ percent of boys and 64 percent of girls spending at l▓east three hours a day in sedentary a▓

hile the study didn't look at the reason▓s behind the lack of physical activity in various nations, Guthold speculated that urbanization could▓ be a factor as well as access to cars and TVs. She said schools can help children become more active ▓by having physical education classes and educa▓ting students about t

e of exercise. Adding lanes for bicycles, pedestrian crossings and other changes to promote walking and biking to and f▓rom school could help too, she added. "Even with the limitations that questionnaire data (suffer) from, I guess it's pretty safe to say that we have a huge problem with physical inactivity am

ildren a

m inside out with mintBe fresh in spring: From inside out with mint03-09-2018 15:01 BJTSp▓eaking of spring, the first image that pops up ▓in your mind may be green plants.As ▓every living thing is entering a new cycle

round the globe and

of life from▓ this season, we

also need to prepare well for th

e rest of the 300 days.To have a f

itter body and a healthier look to

meet challenges, some herbs could b

ring▓ delightful surprises.Let's sa

that we should take

y, pepper▓mint, a magical plant

that has been used for such a lon

g ti▓me in human history.Its icy

freshness h▓as graced our desserts,

meat, soup, tea and toothpaste.An

d a hue from the herb, mint green is

action," said Guth

one of the tren▓dy colors for

this year.Here are some fresh mi▓

nt-inspired things that you can en

joy.Mint teaMint tea can soothe bo

th digestive and ne▓rve system. The

fresh leaves can go with rose pet

old. Bicycles become

als, ice cubes and mineral wat

er to make a fresh cold drink to a

ccompany salad.You can▓ also dry

the herb and make hot green tea wit?/p>

坔 it. Honey can be added to enhance

the taste.Th▓e water temperature s

main tra▓nsportati

hould not be too h▓igh; otherwi

se the color of the plant would be

spoiled.Mint dessertMint ice cr

eam brings the icy scent of the he

rb to a new ▓level. It is often not

as sweet as other flavors, wh▓ich

on in carless former

is a better choice for people wh

o are not very fond of desserts.

There are also ▓mint flavored mac

aron and chocolate to give you a com

b▓ination of freshness and sweetnes

s.Mint and peas soupThe soup based

ly rebel-held area ?/h2>

on mint and peas can provide a

lot▓ of nutrition. First, stirfry

potato cubes and garlic with bu

tter. When the potato becomes soft

, add peas, mint, sea salt ▓and bla

ck pepper, and stew for about 20 min

坣ear DamascusBicycl

utes. You ca▓n add some chopped

mint leaves and ground black p▓e

pper in the soup to enhance the fl

avor.Mint green wardrobeThe mint g

reen and white strip dress wore by

Princess Diana on April 16, 1993, i

es become main trans

s still a statement-making loo

k.From runway to▓ high street, th

e hue, along with other ice creams

c▓olors, are this spring and summe

r's highlights.As the color would

make the wearer paler, one▓ way is


to pair it with other bright shades. It also looks well with metal hues, such as▓ silver and metal green.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code▓ to follow us on WechatXi's war on pov

er▓tyChina Headlines: X

i's war on povertyXi's war

on poverty02-25-2017

10:19 BJTBEIJING, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- As the president of th

e most populous nation on the ▓planet, poverty has never been

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